Walking Challenge Scavenger Hunt - limited availabity

The ADHA Annual Conference brings the scavenger hunt to life in a new and exciting way to help increase engagement at the Conference by driving traffic to your booth. Bonus QR Codes staged at participating exhibitor booths where the Walking Challenge participants  (Steppers) can earn bonus steps (+500 steps) just by visiting your booth. These bonus steps add to their total step goal to win prizes at the close of ADHA 2020.

How it works: Participating Exhibitors will be given a specialty QR Code on a 22’28” sign to stage strategically in their booth for scan access by “steppers” participating in the challenge.  ADHA Marketing:  Exhibitor name will be included in all annual conference marketing associated with the Walking Challenge; Web site, mobile app, and onsite.

To participate in the QR Code Scavenger Hunt, please take the following guidelines into consideration:

  1. Participation is open to Exhibiting Companies only.
  2. Exhibitors are not eligible to win prizes associated with the Walking Challenge.
  3. The participation fee is $500. Limit 10 companies, first Come, first serve.


Contact Linda Griffin at Lindag@adha.net or call 773-588-4692 if you have any questions.  You may also download the form, complete, and email to Lindag@adha.net to secure your spot as a Walking Challenge Scavenger Hunt Company.