Total Health & Wellness Area


“Total Health & Wellness”

Friday & Saturday- Exhibit Hall Hours

Location: Exhibit Hall 


Description: Practicing good health goes beyond just oral care. ADHA will introduce a new space for attendees to take care of their Mind, Body, and Soul. This 40 x 40 make-shift park space comes equipped with faux grass, fencing, street lamps, and hard walls for branding opportunities.

Sponsorship Fee Includes the following:

Onsite Spa: Complete with spa service professionals, attendees can sample different essential oils and sample different flavored waters. Inside the health and wellness area will be lounge furniture for attendees to take a few minutes to sit back and relax.

Mind: Virtual Reality Meditation: Let your mind take a break and step into virtual reality meditation world. Attendees can use headsets to help take their minds to a different place. This helps reduce stress and create mindfulness. Still investigating this piece

Body: Massage Therapy: Dental Hygienists are always using their body, especially their hands and feet, working long hours in their offices. Attendees will have the chance to do a quick recovery in our relaxation area and receive, back and hand massages. After 20 minutes, attendees will feel brand new and can jump into their next hands-on workshop. 

Soul: Puppy Play Pin: Smiling is good for the soul and so are puppies! This puppy play pin is an enclosed space where attendees can play with puppies on the show floor and even have the option of adopting! This is a great way to rejuvenate yourself after spending time in education sessions. A donation to the Kentucky Humane Society is required. Costs includes: 3-4 hours of puppy play time per day; 8-10 puppies; fencing for the dogs, tarps, toys, cleaning materials, and staff from the Humane Society.

Connect Wall: A branded (3) 1 Meter panels, double-sided with questions asked for attendees to answer. Take this opportunity to ask our ADHA attendees anything! What are their favorite products?

Signage: There will be plenty of corporate branded in the health and wellness area. This includes branding on the hard walls, and the entrance unit. Additional signage will be placed throughout the convention center to help promote the Health & Wellness area.  

Marketing: ADHA will marketing the Healthy and Wellness area, via e-blasts, the mobile app, and the online planner. We will also send out alerts via the mobile app to attendees to stop by the booth.  Numerous mentions to stop by the Health & Wellness Center will be pushed to attendees.