Evening Event Option; Generations Hall


Generations Hall

Description: Originally built in the early 1820’s as a sugar refinery, Generations Hall is a multi-use facility located in New Orleans’ eclectic warehouse district.  This renovated building has a rustic look with open beams, brick walls, and 35-foot ceilings celebrating the classic charm and musical influences of New Orleans combined with a modern feel. Divided into four separate areas, the facility celebrates the influence of music upon New Orleans.  Each space provides a different atmosphere, “a club within a club,” where guests can explore and wander from the Big Room, and the Metropolitan I and II, or through the 20,000 square foot lush courtyard.

Included in the fee:  Marketing by ADHA, Branding on the 2020 conference website, & Mobile App, Signage at the Convention Center, and notation in the Preliminary Conference Marketing Brochure (contingent on date of receipt of contract and publication date).  Link here for Digital Submission criteria.

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