Sponsorship Opportunities

Fabric Wall

8x10 Fabric Wall, S T R E T C H your message along the halls for all attendees to view.


Hotel Key Cards - up to 6 Hotels!

Description: Another way to make the first impression is by branding the hotel card each attendee uses. As guest check in, your artwork will be front and center and as a clever reminder on where to find your booth at the show! Hotel key cards will be delivered to up to six hotels within the ADHA block.


Light Boxes

Brand the hallways with your message - Two, one-sided Light boxes strategically placed in high traffic areas to increase your brand awareness with attendees.



Live Podcast

Bring your brand’s story to our Annual Conference in New Orleans during our first ever live podcast sessions!

ADHA’s goal is to host multiple live podcasts featuring a presenting sponsor during each session. Sponsors will be interviewed during their sponsored podcast allowing company products and best practices to be shared by their brand experts. 

Additional marketing and benefits will be provided.


Call for details~

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Walking Challenge

 Walking/Fitness Challenge

Sponsor the first ADHA Fitness/Walking Challenge and encourage attendees to engage in healthy activities, some friendly competition, and win prizes.

Options:  Your logo on Step Trackers, strategically posted on the Fitness Challenge app as well as the electronic leader board, and prominently displayed at the Fitness Challenge booth. 

Exclusive Sponsorships available - first come, first serve!


Tier One:  $20,000, includes;

Name and logo on 200 Step Trackers - distribution criteria TBD with Sponsor

Name and Logo on the Electronic Leader Board

Name and Logo included on the Fitness Challenge App AND ADHA 2020 Mobile App

Name and Logo included at the Fitness Challenge Booth

Bonus Step Directional - QR Codes to scan for more steps!

Tier Three:  Scavenger Hunt

Fee:  $500.00; 10 8 available

QR Code staged at your booth to incentivive attendees to "stop by" for Bonus Steps.






WiFi for Conference

Provide Wi-Fi access to all attendees during the conference; includes

  • All areas except the exhibit hall
  • Sponsor can create their own wifi name and password
  • Website recognition can be redirected back to your choice of URL
  • Sponsor recognition on meeting website, mobile app, and onsite



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